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Jess S.

"Sober Mom Squad has had such an incredible impact on my sober journey. Being able to surround myself with welcoming, non-judging, understanding moms, makes me feel less alone and gives me the courage to keep moving forward with my goal of living alcohol-free. It's not easy to quit alcohol when we live in such mommy-wine-culture, but Sober Mom Squad reminds me that it is not only possibly, it is beautiful and pretty badass." 

Heather T.

"I got sober with the support of the IG sober community and when the pandemic hit, I found the Sober Mom Squad. SMS helped me get through the pandemic and I will forever be grateful. Whether your babies are in diapers or heading off to college - we all have days we wonder how we are going to make it through. "Momming" is had and so is sobriety, but by sharing our stories in this safe, trusting and supportive community, it's all a little easier."

Sober Mom Squad monthly membership

$22 / month

Meetups & Community!

  • Daily online virtual meetups
  • A members-only private forum (off of facebook)
  • Resource Library with discounted 1:1 coaching, discounts on n/a beverages, podcasts, books, resources for moms and kids, and more!
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Sober Mom School monthly add-on

+ $27 / month

Group Coaching & Expert Webinars

  • 1 monthly LIVE group coaching call ($300 value)
  • 2 monthly LIVE expert webinars ($1200 value)
  • Bonus Content: including recorded courses, masterclasses, pop-up exercises classes, downloadable content, and more! ($1200+ value)
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Annual Memberships Squad and School

$220 squad/$270 school

Pay for a year, get 2 months free!

  • Sober Mom Squad annual is $220 (regularly $264)
  • Sober Mom School annual is $270 (regularly $324)
  • **Sober Mom School Membership must be purchased along with Sober Mom Squad Membership, it is an add-on item**
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