Sober Mom Squad


Sober Mom Squad was formed during the pandemic of 2020. Many moms found they were feeling disconnected, and were drinking more than ever. Messaging around alcohol and motherhood was rampant.

Maybe you're sick of the wine-mom narrative. Maybe you want to explore what an alcohol free life looks like. Maybe you just need a community that isn't focused on boozing! 

We are women like you, who don't want their kids to grow up with a mom who needs wine to survive them. 


Our common goal is to raise children in homes where alcohol is not the focus, and help other women do the same.  

Sober Mom Squad

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Motherhood is not easy.
Sobriety makes it better.
Connection makes it possible. 

"I have gained so much encouragement from listening to the hosts and following their content! Community is everything, and this community is really special" 

Jen A.


 💜 A safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story, and be celebrated by other moms. 

Sober Mom Squad Community Forums
Sober Mom Squad Virtual Meet Ups


As a SMS member, you’ll have access to a free virtual meetup each week, led by our founder, Emily Paulson. These meetings are a welcoming, safe, and supportive space to connect, and you DON’T NEED CHILDCARE!  You are never required to speak or turn on your video. We hold space for you, wherever you are, however you need.  Meetups are private and not recorded, and are small enough so EVERYONE will have an opportunity to share if they wish.  


Organized specifically for single moms, moms of neurodivergent kids, newly sober moms, and many more! 

Sober Mom Squad Join Groups
Reading with Coffee

Book Club!

A Monthly Book Club with discussion and reflection, on books chosen by YOU.

Sober Mom Squad Resource Library


A resource library including book lists, favorite podcasts, and mocktail suggestions.  Practical tools and proven frameworks for navigating situations like holiday parties, travel, and special events, so you can feel confident in your sobriety and your choices as a parent. 

(Support In Sobriety)

Sisters In Support are peer companions to support you in your alcohol free journey! 

This voluntary option is a great way to make a personal connection and ask questions 1:1 to someone who has BEEN THERE.

Sober Mom Squad Sisters in Sobriety


With our Geographical Location Features, you can meet women near you, so you can build a squad of trusted, sober mom friends in your area!

Sober Mom Squad


A weekly guided writing workshop to help you in your recovery journey! Hosted by a writing expert and fellow sober mom, Celeste Yvonne! 

Notebook and Pen


Webinars Sober Mom Squad.png

Multiple Daily Meetups Available

Access to 25+ more meetups per week, including a monthly Goal Setting workshop!


Coaching with Certified Professional Recovery Coaches, Counselors, and Registered Dietitians!

Multiple times to chose from per week. Pay a flat fee per month and join as many sessions as you'd like! Add this feature anytime, cancel anytime. Because of our diverse background of expertise, no topic is off limits! We will personally help coach you through your unique challenges in recovery!

Group Coaching Sober Mom Squad.png
Sober Mom Squad Expert Seminars


LIVE expert webinars monthly including Q&A with our members (you)! Access to our entire library of past expert speakers. 

Weekly EFT Session!

Join our certified teacher (McDonald manifestation method) for EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) weekly. EFT is an alternative treatment for pain and distress, also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. 


6 - week Alcohol Freedom Program

A 6-week coach-led mindful break from alcohol that acts as a circuit-breaker by disrupting your physical and mental habits so you can make alcohol small and irrelevant again! 

Find out more about REWIND here

"I've been alcohol free for a couple. of months now, and SMS has been so encouraging. It was the piece that was missing for me!" 

Lindsay H.