Healing through Connection.

We are The Sober Mom Squad!

Motherhood is not easy.
Sobriety makes it better.
Connection makes it possible. 

The Sober Mom Squad is just as it sounds: a Squad of Moms who are already sober, those who are just dipping their toes in exploring an alcohol free lifestyle, and everything in between!  
We share. We connect. We talk about the hard shit. We create community in the lonely pockets of motherhood. We don’t shy away from the hard topics, and we nod our heads in solidarity. 

Healing through Connection.

We are The Sober Mom Squad!

Motherhood is not easy.
Sobriety makes it better.
Connection makes it possible. 

The Sober Mom Squad is just as it sounds: a Squad of Moms who are already sober, those who are just dipping their toes in exploring an alcohol free lifestyle, and everything in between!  

We share. We connect. We talk about the hard shit. We create community in the lonely pockets of motherhood. We don’t shy away from the hard topics, and we nod our heads in solidarity. 

"Back when women were all in the hut together, raising their children side by side, they had the support needed to be the present parents those times required. Today, we are on our own, We stand in the kitchen screaming by ourselves, and we wonder why no one is listening."

Emily Lynn Paulson - Highlight Real

 This group was started during the COVID pandemic from an instagram post by the founder, Emily Lynn Paulson, asking how she could be of service to her audience. 


Jen Elizabeth, Michelle Smith, Celeste Yvonne and Jessica Landon immediately answered the call, and the Sober Mom Squad was born!


As mothers, we need to connect, share experiences, share expertise, hear stories, and tell our own.  We need to know that we are not alone, and we need to feel that we are in a safe environment away from judgement and stigma. So, we started hosting a weekly free virtual meeting over zoom, discussing all things motherhood, the trials of suddenly homeschooling, the new dynamics of home life, and doing it all without "mommy juice."


We found that this community filled a need that had never been filled before, so we expanded it to help even more women. Women, just like you, who are inundated with wine memes and spiked seltzer ads, yet demand MORE for yourself and your families. Women like you, who don't want their kids to grow up with a mom who needs wine to survive them. 


The five of us have very different backgrounds, live in different states, come from different walks of life, have different areas of expertise and training, and have different sobriety journeys. Our kids range in age from infant to 16 years old. The thing we have in common is a desire to raise children in homes where alcohol is not the focus.
Our common goal is to help other women do the same thing. 

Welcome to SMS


As a Sober Mom Squad member, you receive: 

Virtual Zoom Meetups.  

Support for moms from moms. We talk about all things motherhood, from the mundane to the tough stuff, and give you space to share whatever is on your heart! 


A members-only forum 

(not on facebook!) This is a safe place to connect with other women, exchange info, ask questions, get advice, and lean on each other for support! 

Discounted 1:1 coaching 

with Certified Coaches and Counselors.  If you need that extra support, we are here for you!


Resource Library

with Book and podcast recommendations, a recovery playlist, discount codes for N/A beverages, links to helpful parenting resources, and more!

1 monthly LIVE group coaching call with all five hosts, and access to all past coaching calls (School only)

2 monthly LIVE expert webinars with access to all past webinars (School only)

BONUS CONTENT including recorded courses, pop-up pilates classes, downloadable resources, and so much more! (School only)

Membership options


Sober Mom Squad monthly membership

$22 / month

Meetups & Community

  • Daily online virtual meetups (24+ per week)
  • A members-only private forum (off of facebook)
  • Weekly Writing For Recovery class with a writing expert!
  • Resource Library with discounted 1:1 coaching, discounts on n/a beverages, podcasts, books, resources for moms and kids, and more!
  • Free four day trial!
Register for Squad Monthly

Sober Mom School monthly membership

$27 / month

Education & Coaching

  • 1 monthly LIVE group coaching call with Certified Professional Coaches and Counselors ($300 value)
  • 2 monthly LIVE expert webinars on a variety of topics related to motherhood, recovery, mental & emotional health, education, and more! ($1200 value)
  • Bonus Content: including recorded courses, masterclasses, pop-up exercises classes, Q&A sessions with experts, on demand downloadable content, and more! ($1200+ value)
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Annual Membership - Sober Mom Squad

$220 / year

Pay for a year, get 2 months free!

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How It Works

As a member, you get access to:

Virtual Meetups

Sober Mom Squad 

As a SMS member, you’ll have access to multiple virtual meetups per week, led by our SMS hosts. These meetings are a welcoming, safe, and supportive space to connect, and you DON’T NEED CHILDCARE!  You are never required to speak or turn on your video. We hold space for you, wherever you are, however you need.  Meetups are private and not recorded, and are small enough so EVERYONE will have an opportunity to share if they wish. 

Community Forum

Sober Mom Squad 

In our private (off-Facebook) community, you can connect to other SMS members.

This space is open to you 24x7 to share, ask questions, get support and COMPLAIN if you want!  Motherhood is hard, who better to understand than a wonderful group of supportive moms? 

Resource Library

Sober Mom Squad 

A Library of resources that is constantly growing and evolving including podcasts, books, a recovery playlist, one on one coaching discounts, a sobriety support app, and discount codes for zero proof beverages!

Expert Webinars

Sober Mom School 

TWO LIVE expert webinars each month including Q&A with our members (you!)

Our topics include: The Real Meaning of Self Care, Cancer Prevention and Alcohol, A Debt-Free Journey, Holistic Recovery, EMDR for Anxiety/Trauma, Sexual Health, Parenting during a Pandemic, Reiki, Overcoming Perfectionism, Health & Wellness in Recovery, and so much more!

"Ask the Squad" Group Coaching Happy Hour!

Sober Mom School 

Join Emily, Michelle, Jen, Jessica, and Celeste for a group coaching call each month.

You can submit questions ahead of time, and we will collaborate to provide guidance. Because of our diverse background of expertise, no topic is off limits! We will personally help coach you through your unique challenges. As a special bonus, the Happy Hour segment is brought to you by our fabulous N/A beverage sponsors who provide samples for some of our sessions!

Monthly Bonus Content!

Sober Mom School 
Courses, exercise classes, downloadable content, all geared toward YOUR wants and needs!

Topics include: The mental load of motherhood, DBT, Pilates, Finding Joy in Parenting, Journaling, Trauma, Creating a Calming Distance-Learning Space, Heart- Brain Coherence, Discovering Joy in the Chaos, Body Image, Meditation, EFT, and many more!

Virtual Meetup Schedule

New meeting times will be added as the Sober Mom Squad evolves. There will also be pop up meetings throughout the month!


Jen C. 7a PT / 10 a ET
Jess S. 12p PT / 3p ET
Heather T. 6p PT / 9p ET


JV 7a PT / 10a ET
Jen Elizabeth 10a PT / 1p ET

Michelle Smith 2p PT / 5p ET
Jess S. 5p PT / 8p ET


Celeste Yvonne 7a PT / 10a ET
Jessica Landon 10a PT / 1p ET

Rotating host 1p PT / 4p ET
Elaine W. 5p PT / 8p ET

Jessica Landon 9p PT / 12a ET


Becca H. 7a PT / 10a ET
Jen Elizabeth 10a PT / 1p ET
Michelle Smith 2p PT / 5p ET

Sam S. 5p PT / 8p ET


Kathryn S. 7a PT / 10a ET
Hilary B. 12p PT / 3p ET
TBA 6p PT / 9p ET


Anna C./ Vanessa H. 6a PT / 9a ET
Kate V. 12p PT / 3p ET
Erin R.
 6p PT / 9p ET


Jessica Landon 8a PT / 11a ET
Beth K. 5pm PT / 8p ET

The SMS Founding Team

Emily Lynn Paulson


Emily is a writer, speaker, Certified Naked Mind Coach. She Recovers Designated Coach, and a member of the long term recovery community. Sober since January 2, 2017, she has appeared on media outlets including The Doctors, Parade, Today Parents, and USA Today, discussing how to end the shame and stigma of mental health and substance abuse. Emily is the author of Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life, and a contributor in Addiction Diaries: Stories of Darkness, Hope, And All That Falls In Between. She resides in Seattle with her husband and their five children.

Celeste Yvonne

Celeste is a public figure who writes about all things parenting. She’s written for The Washington Post and Today Show, to name just a few. Celeste's writing resonates with mothers everywhere, and she speaks with a candor and honesty that is unusual in this world of filters. In 2018, Celeste openly spoke about her struggles with alcohol and announced her commitment to becoming a sober mom. Her piece about a play date that went sideways when another mom started serving mimosas has reached over 14 million people. Celeste lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and two boys.

Jen Elizabeth

Jen is a writer, speaker, trauma educator, and the founder of Resurrektion of Me, a community for people healing from trauma and addiction. She is the author of the book, Shape of a Woman. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, familial abuse, addiction, the prison system, and spending the majority of her adult life experiencing homelessness, she has dedicated herself to helping others heal their lives. Her incredible story and triumphant recovery has been shared worldwide in publications including The Mirror, LAD Bible, The Sun, The Daily Mail. She is a mom to two incredible children and lives is beautiful Southern California.

Jessica Landon

Jessica is a Writer, Certified HeartMath Resilience Recovery Coach, Speaker and new Mom. As a comedic actress, Jessica has appeared on Comedy Central’s MADtv, Robot Chicken, Jamie Foxx Sketch Comedy Show, Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, and NBC’s Medical Investigations. A few years into her acting career she spiraled into a non-functioning alcoholic. Turning her life around in Jan 2014, she made it her mission to help others struggling with addiction. Her harrowing journey has since been published in news outlets across the globe: The Daily Mail, Fox News, Yahoo, The Sun, The Mirror, LAD Bible, Pop culture, Blast, and Newsweek.

Michelle Smith

Michelle is an author and founder of Recovery is the New Black, a digital community for moms in recovery. As a wife and working mother of two, she fell into the "mommy juice" drinking culture. Michelle found a way out and has been in recovery from alcohol abuse since 2016. As a certified addiction and mental health counselor, she provides services to other moms who are seeking supportive alternatives to a boozy culture that tells us alcohol is an accessory to motherhood. Michelle has 20 years of experience in the field of addiction medicine and behavioral health treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Jess S.

"Sober Mom Squad has had such an incredible impact on my sober journey. Being able to surround myself with welcoming, non-judging, understanding moms, makes me feel less alone and gives me the courage to keep moving forward with my goal of living alcohol-free. It's not easy to quit alcohol when we live in such mommy-wine-culture, but Sober Mom Squad reminds me that it is not only possibly, it is beautiful and pretty badass." 

Heather T.

"I got sober with the support of the IG sober community and when the pandemic hit, I found the Sober Mom Squad. SMS helped me get through the pandemic and I will forever be grateful. Whether your babies are in diapers or heading off to college - we all have days we wonder how we are going to make it through. "Momming" is had and so is sobriety, but by sharing our stories in this safe, trusting and supportive community, it's all a little easier."

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